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Privacy policy

By using our website located at you are accepting the following Privacy Policy.

If you do not accept our Privacy Policy, please do not visit our website, do not register in our system, and do not provide us with any personal information about yourself.

We reserve the right to update our Privacy Policy. While using our website, it is always the most current version of the Policy that you should refer to.

I. Personal information

1. Information collected at registration (personally identifiable information)
The information necessary to register as User in our Service is: name and surname, administrative region and closest city, as well as e-mail address and a password for logging into our Service. The User may also wish to provide a contact e-mail address and the address of his/her website.
2. Information collected at subscription
When buying a Pro subscription, the User must provide all the information necessary for the transaction to be completed.
3. Information collected automatically (non-identifiable information)
When the User visits the Service, some information is collected automatically. This includes IP address, domain address, browser type, operation system type etc.

II. Use of collected personal information

The personal information provided by the User at registration is used to create a personalised site with the User’s announcement. The personal information which will be published on the site is: name and surname, administrative region, city, contact e-mail address and the User’s website address. Because the User’s announcement site is accessible to all visitors, it is not in our power to protect the User form private persons or institutions who would use this information to send him/her unspecified information. Therefore the personal information published on the announcement site is not covered by our Privacy Policy.
The registration e-mail and password will not be published in any place or intentionally disclosed to a third party. If, however, the e-mail used for logging in is the same as the contact e-mail provided by the User, it will be published on the User’s announcement site.
The information collected automatically may be used to analyse user behaviour, collect demographical information about Users of the Service, or to personalise the content of the Service. This information is non-identifying information and it is collected about every User automatically.
The information collected at purchasing a Subscription will be used to complete the transaction. Consequently, private information concerning the User may be passed to a payment card company which operates the transaction. This company will not use this information for any other purpose. It is obligatory to provide this information if the User wants to buy a Subscription.
If the User breaks our Terms of Service, breaks the law, or when legal regulations require it, the User’s information may be passed to relevant organs of the administration of justice.

III. Use of cookies

The Service uses cookies which serve to identify the User’s browser. The cookies do not contain any personal information.

IV. Unsolicited messages

We reserve the right to send unsolicited messages to persons whose contact information we have obtained through their usage of the Service. The term “unsolicited messages” refers to non-commercial information and such commercial information which concerns our products or the products of our co-operative Partners, or was ordered by one of the Service Partners.
The commercial information is filtered in such a way that the User never receives a message which would not be of potential interest to him/her. The capacity of these messages is kept low and we send them only occasionally.

V. Security

Collected personal information or information used for User identification is stored in a secure area of the Service and it is accessed using a safe connection (SSL) with a 128-bit key encryption.

VI. Contact

If you have any additional questions concerning this Privacy Policy, you can contact us via e-mail at: