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About Wedding Photography Zone (WPZ) is a directory of wedding photographers in the UK.

  • Are you looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding? is just the place to help you find one!
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1. What is the order of announcements on the list? The order of announcements is as follows:
  1. PRO accounts in a decreasing order, according to the number of points
  2. FREE accounts in a decreasing order, according to the number of points
2. Can I add an announcement for free? Yes, we offer a FREE account from which you can publish an announcement. A FREE announcement is smaller and includes only one photo. 3. What is a PRO announcement? A PRO announcement features:
  • a big announcement
  • up to 8 photos
  • a higher place on the list (it is displayed above FREE accounts announcements)
  • access to statistics
  • prestige
How can I get a PRO account ?
Log in to your FREE account and you will see the instructions ;-)
4. What does the number at the bottom of the announcement mean? That number represents the number of points (FB likes + "google+1" + backlink bonus). You can update this number on your account at annoucement/points. The more points your announcement has, the closer it is to the top of the list. 5. What is a photo gallery? A photo gallery:
  • is a subpage of
  • is valid for 6 months
  • contains a maximum of 100 photos
  • can be used as an online gallery of a particular wedding, or to extend the portfolio of the photographer
  • is available both with FREE and PRO accounts

You can create a gallery after you log in to your administration panel on